When it comes to photography photo restoration is my first love.


I inherited 100's of photos from my Swedish family back in the 1970's. My grandmother, Ingrid who was born in 1881 and an artist herself has been a source of inspiration for me, not to mention my mother IngaLill who was a model in the 1940's. Sadly they all passed away way too soon, but the photos remain with me.


Every time I go back to one of my many scanned images from the 1800's and restore and sometimes colorize it I am filled with an awe for the past and a delight in restoring it. So many details that can not be seen with the naked eye, especially on a damaged photograph, become visible to me when I bring the image into Photoshop. It is truly a passion. I believe I can restore just about anything to a better state than I found it in. I even restored a photo captured with an iphone. Not an ideal circumstance, but better than a photo with plastic glare.


If you have a photo that you'd like me to work on please send me an email SonjasEye@gmail.com or text/call at 302-723-5865.

Rates depend on the extent of the damage or whether you'd like it colorized or not.

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