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The Lulu Series

During the pandemic I found myself wondering what to do with all my gear (including a new super strobe). Getting people to sit inside for portraits hasn't been an option, and while shooting outside is fun, dragging my lovely strobe through the park is not really necessary if I'm shooting with natural light. So I invented a new person for myself to shoot.


With a background in theatre I knew that I would feel freer to create if it's not about me, but a character.:


Welcome to the world of Eloise "Lulu" de la Warr.


In my mind she is quite an enigma. She comes from aristocratic stock and doesn't care what people think about her. She seldom goes anywhere without a martini and probably smokes like a chimney. She is a bit of a superhero spirit animal. I get ideas for her as I'm falling asleep and the idea won't let me go until I do it.


So there you go. A pandemic Spirit Animal.


I would love to shoot your spirit animal/superhero as well if you have one or care to invent one. It sure has kept me relatively sane during this time.

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